Center for Experimental Biology



- To apply achievements of biotechnology for agriculture, healthcare and environment.
- To produce, trade, import and export of materials for processing, funtional food, bio-products serving aquaculture, agriculture and environment.
- To transfer technologies in the fields of biology, food, biomedical and environment; Monitoring, analysising and evaluating the impacts of environment; Consulting to create projects for protection, polluted treatment of environment as well as joining in environmental protection activities; Training and improving the ability the fields that mentioned above.
- To cooperate with other organizations to perform the tasks of the Center.

Science and technology potential

- Human Resources: Center for Experimental Biology has 22 employees in which more than 40% has post-graduate degrees. The researchers have wealth of experience in RD in biotechnology .
- Facilities: The Center has 01 Bio-environmental Laboratory reached the standard ISO17025, Laboratory for analysising plant products with modern equipments as AAS, GC, IC, UV-Vis ..., Laboratory for molecular biology and other devices serving plant tissue culture, preservation and propagation of microalgae/microorganisms,....


+ To treat polluted environment in waste water;
+ To extract bio-active compounds from natural souces (green tea, Siraitia grosvenorii, Houttuynia cordata…);
+ To produce funtional food from Spirulina (tablet, capsule, granule, cereal,...).
+  To treat agricultural waste to organic feritilizer by microorganism.
- Techmart Vietnam Gold Cup 2007.
-  Kovalepskaia Award 2012.
- Center has received many Awards of MOST.



1. Vietnam: Hanoi University of Science and Technology, University of Natural Sciences, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of  Genome Research, Food Industry Institute,   Vietnam Academy of  Agriculture,  ..Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences, etc.
2. International partners:  Chungnam National University,  Kyung-Hee University, IC Food Co., Ltd. (Korea), TISTR Institute (Thailand),  CSIRO Museum (Australia), etc.


Center for Experimental Biology (CEB)
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