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About us

Established on 16th October 1984 under the Decree No. 135/HDBT of Ministerial Council (Government, today), the first name of National Center for Technological Progress (NACENTECH) was “National Institute for Technology Research”.
NACENTECH experienced 2 development periods, from 1984 to 1994 under Office of Ministerial Council, from 1994 to 2004 under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, now Ministry of Science and Technology. NACENTECH’s missions are to research and apply new high technologies (laser, infrared, electronic-informatics, materials, biology and environment) by acquiring advanced technologies, renovating and mastering technologies, creating and transferring technology by satisfying requirements of modernization and industrialization, ensuring national defense. NACENTECH is the home of 11 subsidiary units, including NACENTECH office, Department of Investment management and Project Development, Planning and Finance Department, Ho Chi Minh City branch and 07 R&D centers.

Our staff includes nearly 300 officials and employees, including 19 Doctors and Doctors of Science who are comprehensively trained and equipped with high and qualified expertise, successfully upholding the general strength to outperform the R&D tasks and technological science services.

NACENTECH’s particular researches are characterized by Laser-applied R&D works with high capacity in Vietnam, English-Vietnamese Automatic Translation Software, special electronic chip design,Lithotripsy Medical Device, Thermal Imaging Instrument Tool, Microalgae-originated products, etc.

NACENTECH has successfully maintained and developed the cooperation relationship with countries with traditional relations such as Russia, China, German, Korea, Twain, etc, expanding the cooperation relation with many countries in the world, the developed countries such as French, USA, Japan, etc., and other regional countries. Penetrating to a new development phase, in the context of international and regional integration in science and technology with a series of opportunities and challenges, NACENTECH strives to become an Institute which significantly develop the high technology fields to successfully satisfy the requirements of the State and society with the direction motto “research performance is closely cemented with production and life practice”. .