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Administrative Office



The office performs the following tasks:
1. Synthetic tasks:
- To gather, process, synthesize and provide information for leadership tasks of leaders and subordinate units.
-  To lead and coordinate with related units to perform synthetic tasks and preliminary, summary, regualar and irregular reports based on  requirements of regulatory offices and agencies.
-  To host events, Institute conferences, and meetings; greet guests of Insitute leaders; announce the directions of leadership and moniter and supervise the implementation.
-  To arrange regular work schedule approved by the Institute Leadership, write records, draft notes and summaries of meetings based on the request of Director of Institute.
2. Administrative tasks:
- To organize archives of the institute and office, manage and  guide clerical jobs in the Institute and subordinate units, instruct document filing and submission, preserve and organize the archives.
- To manage the use of Institute and Office seals and copy documents exactly issued by the Institute in accordance with the law.
-  To receive and transfer documents, keep the documents confidential in accordance with the law, and ensure information smoothly inside and outside the Institute.
- To perform assigned reception and festivities, serve meeting, living rooms and workrooms of Institute leadership daily, and arrange the use of meeting rooms by the target unit, greet and instruct guests about jobs in the Institute.

3.  Staff organization:
- To assist the Director of Institute in staff organization of the Institute based on present regulations of the Governnment and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
-  To coordinate with related units, construct, adjust and supplement regulations of organization and activities of the Institute and units according to leaders’ request.
- To advise and assist the Director of Institute in planning, training, recruitmnet, appointment  and  reappointment, dismissal, transfer, evaluation and discipline with officers.
- To manage  and update personnel records, statistics and reports based on regulations,  certify papers for officials, employees and workers according to recorded papers of the Institute.
- To coordinate with relevant units in planning and organizing the training activities for officials, employees and workers.
- To coordinate with relevant units in protection of internal politics, verification and identification of personnel records.
- To implement, disseminate and instruct units of the Institute in policies on salary, allowance and social security and other policies with officials, employees and workers in the Institute under present regulations.
- To be permanent in recruitment, salary, promotion, transfer and discipline.

4. Emulation and  reward:
- To develop and disseminate documents and instruct units to perform competition and reward.
- To plan and organize activities and competitions in the Institute.
- To be permanent in emulation and reward of the Institute.
5. Legislation:
-  To develop and issue working and internal regulations to the Director of Institute and moniter, supervise and synthesize the process of implementing rules and regulations after being promulgated.
- To carry out legal documents of the Government in terms of function and  give feedbacks and advice for the draft of legal documents issued by the Governnment.

6. Information and promotion:
- To develop relationship with news agencies and newspapers.
- To develop and publish documents that introduce activities of the Institute.
- To build plans, management  and development of cutural and sports activities for officials, officers and employees.
- To develop and manage tradition room, retain and preserve gifts, mementos, pictures, videos and medal of the Institute.

7. Management of facilities, assets, internal management and others:
- To manage allocated assets and facilities, propose solutions and procedures of transferring assets based on current regulations,manage and guarantee facilities and working conditions of the Director of Institute and units.
- To implement governance and repair allocated facilities, and purchase assets for operation and activities of the Institute assigned by the Director and based on present regulations.
- Tocoordinate with related units, to develop, organize and instruct regulations about the use of facilities in the Institute.
- To coordinate with Finance – Planning Department to inventory and evaluate the quality and value of assets, caculate depreciation and liquidate assets based on current rules.
-  To be a source of unified management land and house records, transactions on house, land, electricity, etc. with related units according to the authorization of the Director of Institute.
- To carry out the agency protection, environmental sanitation, prevention with fires and natural disasters and coordinate with functional units in regular checks with implementing regulations on fire prevention and fighting in the Institute.
8. To advise Institute leadership to coordinate in activities of political and social organizations
9. To manage operating expenditures based on the assignment of the Institute, make the draft and solve revenues and expenditures of the Institute, pay for operating expense of Planning – Finance.
10. To administer officials, employees and assets, documents belonged to the Institute in accordance with present regulations
11. To perform other tasks assigned by the Director of Institute


Administration Office of National Center for Technological Progress
25 Le Thanh Tong, Phan Chu  Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Tel: 04.39333389
Fax: 04.39330267