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Center for MicroElectronics and Information Technology



Pursuant to Decision No. 1886/QD-BKHCN dated 24th July 2014 of Ministry of Science and Technology regarding promulgation of Organization Charter and Scientific-Technological Operation of National Center for Technological Progress.
Pursuant to Decision No. 202/QD-VUDCN dated 05th September 2014 of  regarding promulgation of  Organization Charter and Scientific-Technological Operation of the Center for MicroElectronics and Information Technology with specific functions and tasks as follows:
2.1. Functions
Center for Microelectronics and Information Technology is a scientific and technological unit directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology, which assists the Director to fulfill functions of carrying out scientific research, training, application and development in production and life, in high  and new technologies such as information technology, electronics and micro- electronics.
English name for international transaction of the Centre is: Center for Microelectronics and Information Technology (abbreviated as IMET).
The Center exercises the mechanism of autonomy and self-responsibility for a public scientific and technological organization according Government's Decree No. 115/2005/ND-CP of September 5th, 2005 and relevant provisions of law.
The Center has its legal status, own stamp and can open accounts of domestic and foreign currency at the State Treasury or Bank to operate and carry out transactions as stipulated by laws. The Center has its head office located in C6 North Thanh Xuan – Hanoi.
2.2. Tasks:
- Studying, training, applying and transferring technologies in the fields as regulated in Clause 1 Article 1 of this Charter in production and life.
- Training, educating, fostering professional skills for staffs in specialties under functions and tasks of the Center in accordance with the legal provisions.
- Carrying out cooperation activities in science research, joint-venture, association, direct investment, new technologies development with organizations and individuals in the country and abroad, under the assigned functions and tasks and as stipulated by laws.
- Carrying out production, business activities and providing services within the assigned functions, tasks and as stipulated by laws, including:
+ Experimenting, measuring, and assessing quality of products, technological equipment in the operating field;
+ Consulting, designing, carrying out science and technology research, providing technical solutions and pilot products
+ Transferring technologies and technical solutions
+ Products are research results
+ Developing, managing database and websites
+ Machines, equipments, software or technological lines under scientific and technological fields of the Center.
- Participating in technological assessment and appraisal, technical consultancy of investment projects in electronic, micro-electronics and information technology fields as stipulated by laws. Participating in researching and developing regulations on assessment, acceptance, application and publication of scientific research and technology development results within the assigned functions.
- Managing officials, staffs, assets and documents of the Center according the Institute’s delegation of authority as stipulated by laws - Carrying out other tasks assigned by the President of Nacentech

Science and technology potential

a) Technology and technological development of the Center:
•    Microelectronics technology:
Full-customer ASIC
Semi-customer ASIC
•    DSP (digital signal processing) technology:
•    Embedded solution technology:
Researching  new generations of devices  with high density, high integration and high perfomance (advanced devices – AdD), e.g. FPGA, FPGA-based SoC, SiP, PoP, MCU DSP, FPGA-DSP
Researching and integrating specialized functions (cores, Ips) in AdD devices (IP-AdD)
•    MEMS/NEMS Technology:
Bulk silicon devices
SOI devices
Thin film devices
Polymer devices
Hybrid devices
b)Application and Deployment of technologies in production and business:
Microelectronics technology
- High speed ASIC circuits
Parallel processing, real time
Studying to produce Embedded Development Kit for small-level applications.
- Industrial Control System.
High speed, real-time monitoring systems.
Real-time control systems
- Multimedia (video, audio….);
Video processing application: Real-time video signal pre-processing modules.
Real-time image processing.
- Telecommunications:
Fiber - optic communications - Terminal signal processing.
Information transmission equipments
Embedded System technology
- Applying AdD and IP-AdD in different fields of life such as agriculture, industry, transportation, security and defence, etc…
- Auto-Mobile Industry: engine controllers, anti-lock brake controller in cars, smart monitoring systems in cars.
- Home automatic products: temperature controller, air conditioner, water sprayer, security control system
- Hand calculating devices
- Medical equipments: Smart electronic equipments for measuring heart rate, blood pressure, air saturation levels in blood, X-ray machine
- Smart Card readers in E-commerce
- Measuring equipment: oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer
- Multimedia accessories: internet radio receiver, TV decoder box, digital satellite receiver
- Personal digital assistant (PDA)
- Programmable logic controller (PLC) for industrial automatic monitoring and controlling, Computerized Numerically Controlled machines.
- Military: Sensor networks for battlefield monitoring
- Aeronautical electronics: route tracking systems, flying control hardware/software and other integrated systems in air plane, missile.
- Telephone Exchange
- Network equipments: router, timeserver, firewall
MEMS/NEMS Technology
Sensors: used in measurement of all fields: medicine, biomedicine, chemistry, environment and, civil electronics;
Micro-sensors and micro-controller used in industries, control, security and defense: car, missile;
Executive micro-devices used in medicine and life;
Technologies and integrated technologies of microelectronics, telecommunications, control, application in intelligent transportation systems
- Sensors
- Micro-processors
- Communications technology
- Information technology, image processing, real-time signal processing technology.
- Database development, management and exploitation technology.
- ITS monitoring and controlling technology.
c)Scientific and technological manpower:
Classified by qualifications
Qualification    Number
Doctor    3
Master    12
BA, Engineer    17
College, Technician    10
Total    42

Classified by major
Speciality    Number
Electronics, Physics    14
Automation     06
Information technology    07
Finance (accounting/marketing)    05
Others    10
Total    42


R&D projects
National  level
1. Developing design and manufacture option for water generator system from high-humidity atmosphere using wind power for serving border patrol stations in Ha Giang.
Ministry Level
1. Researching and developing Vietnamese Call Center system.
2. Researching and designing portable falling weight deflect meter to measure foundation deformation degree by portable method.
3. Researching, designing and manufacturing prototype of E-toll equipment for vehicles passing through.
4. Researching and development IP Call Center system.
5. Researching, designing and manufacturing embedded solution- based acoustic signal processing device.
6. Researching, designing and manufacturing a set of tools for defining optimal operation parameter of induction heating equipment
7. Researching and developing voice portal solution.
8. Researching and designing real-time electric signal monitoring devices in industry.
9. Production project: Applying microcontroller  and multimedia technology in production of  multifunction classroom equipments AVLAB2.0
10. RFID technology application in wagon management and exploitation in railway industry.

Institute Level
1. Researching, designing and manufacturing DC-AC inverter using ferrite ferromagnetic core pulse transformers.
2. Web Advisor – Solution for detecting and repairing SQL injection errors in Web Server
3. Researching, designing and prototyping AVR microcontroller –based wireless controlling devices of multimedia lab.
4. Researching, designing and prototyping ultrasonic distance measurement module.
5. Researching, designing and prototyping synchronized wireless clock systems.
6. Researching, designing and manufacturing automatic transfer switch (ATS).
7. Researching and designing class management systems using RFID tags.
8. Researching, designing and manufacturing household sterilization equipment.
9. Researching, designing and manufacturing rotational and angular speed meter using FPGA technology


Products applied in industries:
+ Hydro- power: Researching and designing the new equipments for controlling in large-scale and small-scale hydro-power plants (<20MW).
+ Transportation: Developing national ITS system firstly applied in some cities directly under the Central to the end of 2015.
+ Construction: designing the centralized information processing and controlling systems for key construction projects. Fire alarm systems with instructions for the public infrastructures, high-class apartment buildings.
+ Education: Researching high-tech equipments and supporting software for teaching and management of education sector.
+ Administrative offices: Designing and integrating the centralized information processing systems for People’s Committees from Central to local.
+ Defence-Security: Keeping cooperation in implementing IT solutions with Ministry of Defense and Police.
+ Others: Researching technological development in public imformation boards serving telecommunciations and advertisement.
- Products:
+ Magnetic stimulus and dynamic control block in Hoa Binh hydro-power plant.
+ Centralized control cabinet for small-scale hydro-power plant.
+  Traffic flow control system.
+ Station-based wagon positioning systems.
+ Warning system for vehicles on narrow roads and corners.
+ Construction control integrated system for smart buildings.
+ English – Vietnamese, Vietnamese – English translation software.
+ Management support software for football and indoor sports  events.
+ CallCenter software and equipment systems
+ Environment treatment and warning equipment system.
+ ASIC technology transfer.
- Investing in research and development for market promissed  R&D project results:
+ Ultrasonic wave-based alarm equipment for moveable objects.
+ Ultrasonic-based medical tools sterilization equipment.
+ Auto translation from Vietnamese to other languages.
+ Fire alarm systems with instructions for buildings.
+ Designing the centralized data integrating and information processing systems.
+ Improving, producing teaching support equipments upon sector demand.
+ Wind enegy-based water generator system from the air



Name : Center for MicroElectronics and Information Technology
Abbreviation: IMET
Headquater   : C6 Thanh Xuan Bac, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
Tel                : (84 - 4)  35540463
Fax                   : (84 - 4)  38549501
Website         :
5.2 Leaders of the Center
- Director: Mr. Nguyen Tran Hau
Tel: 04 35540462
Mobile : 0913225133
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- Deputy director: Mr. Nguyen Huy Cong
Tel: 0435540001
Mobile: 0904103244
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it