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Center For Laser Technology



- Researching the application and development of Laser Technology, Photonics Technology and Biomedical Engineering in production and life
- Researching and pilot manufacturing technological products in the above fields  
- Providing Science and Technology Services: Information, consultation, training, technology transfer in the fields of Laser, Photonics and Biomedical Engineering .

Science and technology potential

Total number of staffs: 45         In which: Doctors: 3     Masters: 8        
NACENLAS is one of the leading organizations in Vietnam in Laser technology: Laser radiation excitation; High-effeciency cooling technique; Laser radiation interaction on living tissue and cell, Automatic control technique; design and development of medical and industrial laser equipments.
NACENLAS has been equipped by the Government with modern instruments for laser, photonics laboratories suitable for measuring, evaluating physical, spectrum, optical and electronic parameters


NACENLAS has been awarded certificates of merit for the outstanding results of research and development from the Minister of Science and Technology and the Minister of Health:
- In 2014: Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Science and Technology in the event of 30 years of Establishment and Development (Decision No. 2668/QD-BKHCN, October 7th, 2014).
- In 2014: Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Science and Technology  (Decision No. 88/QD-BKHCN, January 16th, 2015).
- In 2006: Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Science and Technology (Decision No. 148/QD-BKHCN, January 25th, 2007)
- Certificate of Merit in 2002-2006 period from Ministry of Health (Decision No. 5202/QD-BYT).
- Certificate of Merit for typical party organization in 2004-2006 period  from Party Committee of Ministry of Science and Technology (Decision No. 24/QD-TV).
Typical Science and Technology Awards
• Thang Long Award
• Techmart Gold Cup and Gold Medal
- In 2009: 01 Gold Cup Techmart Vietnam ASEAN +3 from the Ministry of Science and Technology (Decision No. 2039/QD-BKHCN, September 18th, 2009) for  45W CO2 Medical Laser Instrument; Model C02-30P JZ3 LCD.
- In 2005: 03 Gold Cups Techmart Vietnam 2005 from Ministry of Science and Technology (Decision No. 2684/QD-BKHCN, October 14th, 2005) for following devices:
Prostate Therapeutic Device; Model DL98-01/2MTC
Plasma Surgery Instrument; Model Plasma PSA/2MTC
Therapeutic He-Ne Laser Device; Model KC10-06/95LD.LS.LO Super
- In 2003: 05 gold medals Techmart from Ministry of Science and Technology (Decision No. 1969/QD-BKHCN, October 14th, 2003) for following devices:  
40W CO2 Medical Laser Surgery Device; Model KC01-06/2MTC-SUPER 2003
Lithotripsy Medical Instrument; Model Limed ESWL98/LTTD
Nd: YAG Laser Medical (CONT-PULSE-REPET) Instrument-60W; Model YAG-2002/2MTC
Electro-Surgery Instrument; Model LTTD 350 2K1/01 and  LTTD 350 2K1/03
Anti-SARS Thermal Imaging Instrument; Model ITI 203 and  ITI 204
• Certificate of intellectual property (patent):
- Patent No. 6109 granted by National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam for Laser instrument measuring molten glass in furnace. Decision No. 1013/QD-SHTT dated January 22nd, 2007   
- Industrial Design Patent for Diary CPAP Instrument. Decision No. 15448/QD-SHTT, October 4th, 2007


Address: C6 Thanh Xuan Bac, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
Tel. (04) 38549064, Fax. (04) 38549262
Representative: MSc. Giang Manh Khoi, Tel: 0903227858