Ngày/Day: 19Month/Tháng 1Năm/Year: 2020

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Nacentech Overview



Nacentech was established on October 16th 1984 by Vietnam Government Office. Nowadays, we are under Ministry Of Science and Technology (MOST).

For the past few years, we have progressed through 3 stages of development. The first stage from 1984 to 2000, we focused on Technology R&D. Next stage from 2000 to 2005, after having accumulated method and knowledge of different technologies, at this stage we focused on system integration (SI). 3rd state after 2005 until now, we continue R&D, SI, but we concentrate on commercialization R&D results, technology transfer and industrial services.

Nacentech is state owned R&D organization that serves to strengthen the technological competitiveness of Vietnam

Our Mission: spearheading in high and new technology and strengthening existing industries through technology infusion.

- Technology Research and Development

- Technology Transfer and Evaluation

- Pilot Production

- Industrial Services

- Education & Training

- International Cooperation